Infinite Labyrinth Receives Honorable Mention

Slant Open International Landscape Design Competition 2013 … “Evoking Memories”

Text from the competition entry:

The Labyrinth is a concept that is found among various cultures throughout history. Perhaps the most famous are found in Greek mythology. Labyrinths of all shapes and sizes have been incorporated into much of European architectural and landscape design.

The concept behind this proposal is to create an infinite Labyrinth in unexpected locations. By constructing a single labyrinth unit surrounded by two-way mirrors which are perfectly aligned, an optical illusion is created which will infinitely reflect the labyrinth from any point of view.

The labyrinth unit will be developed in collaboration with Ben Nicholson, an acquaintance of mine and a noted professor of architecture who has dedicated years of his life to the study and exploration of the labyrinth, both formal and theoretical.