“Architecture is basically a container of something. I hope they will enjoy not so much the teacup, but the tea.”

– Yoshio Taniguchi

Seth Ellsworth is a Licensed Architect in the State of California, LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design & Construction, and certified Construction Documents Technologist.

Seth grew up on a 4th-generation farm in Eastern Idaho, learning how to work with the land, wood, steel, and concrete. He took those skills with him to study architecture and design in Chicago, where he established LHOOQ DESIGN in 2009 while finishing his architecture degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

He is currently working on projects in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area, with particular focus on small unique buildings, challenging locations, and hillside lots.

Please reach out to discuss your project and learn how this process can unlock new, exciting design solutions.

Form Follows Purpose is my approach to architectural design based on the belief that when the Purpose of space is determined, it will act as the driving force that informs every other decision.

Function is the aspect of purpose that directs the technical requirements of space.
Concept is the aspect of purpose that directs the aesthetic aspirations of the project.
Atmosphere is the aspect of purpose that directs the sensory qualities of space.

Form is the final result and should be the last consideration in the design process. Before any materials or finishes are chosen, the qualities of light, comfort, privacy, transparency, etc… should be thoroughly explored.

By raising the discussion to the level of purpose, above that of function or concept, we are able to describe the project requirements using language that will allow for more inventive solutions. This helps us focus on the quality of space in between the walls, not the walls themselves.









Le Corbusier paints at his studio.